Coolligraphy Embroidered Gift Ideas


Daniel Nie


Daniel Nie, M.F.A., artist, motivational speaker and workshop leader, has a lifetime of experience in the art of using Sumi-e ink and a pointed brush to create hieroglyphs.  

He developed a new art form he called "Coolligraphy." This form of calligraphy intertwines the letters of a word or words to create an intricate hieroglyphic image. The art is not only unique, but the process of creating it also requires special skills that take years to perfect. 

Then....take this amazing art and convert it into embroidery.  Our company has the ability to convert Daniels artwork into embroidery which can then be custom embroidered on many items such as canvas to be framed, pillows (must have zipper access) apparel.  For specialty items, call for information regarding the ability to embroider. 

Process for ordering

Email the below information.  Customer is responsible for the proper spelling of name(s). Choose the items of to be embroidered on. 


Please Print Your Name:

Your Phone # with Area code:

Shipping Address (Person's Name if different from above):

Your E-mail address:___________________________________


If you want to put two or more people's names together on one piece please put "+" sign between. (e.g. Order # 1: Bill + Nancy)


Fees for Daniel Nie's custom art is $25 per name. 

Fees for digitizing (conversion to embroidery)- $15 per name.

Fee for embroidery- $20 per name.

*Pricing varies on specialized orders.

Customer will receive...

Original artwork from Daniel Nie and embroidered item(s). Free shipping is included for this specialized item only.

Production time

Please allow 7-10 business days. 


For more information and clarification on Daniel Nie's services please contact him on his website.